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SM: And where did you buy them?

PR: All over. The main place I’d buy them was at the top of Arcola St, there used to be a place there called Words and Music. In Church St there was The Music Box I think it was called. In Kingsland Waste there was Teachers and in Stamford Hill there was R&B Records and I would buy from all of these shops from 1961 onwards. Oh and down the lane was a guy called… the name escapes me, but he had a stall there that was the place where I saw the first Jamaicans that came into the country – they wore baggy suits, you know, those Zoot Suits; big, wide, double breasted with hats – and they looked like Blues singers really, they looked like Lightening Hopkins. And they would stand around buying tunes, the same sort of thing I was into – Clive McFatter, Brooke Benton, Dinah Washington, Hank Ballard, Jackie Wilson. I also liked Elvis and used to listen to Jim Reeves and then when the Jamaican music came, it got more Jamaicans coming along to it. I liked the Jamaicans. I liked them because they liked music, and I was really into music and they kind of had the same enthusiasm that I felt – they would click their fingers, say ‘blood clot’ and be really excited by what they heard. When a new tune would come out 5 hands would buy it – it was great for them and it was great to watch. That’s how the early part of my 60s was spent at that stall on Ridley Rd Market buying records every Friday evening. I bought everything: Derek Morgan, Laurel Aitkin, Owen Grey, Shenley Duffus, Eric Morris.




Arcola Street .Dalston E8 2DU Dalston / London

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