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Woolworths, East Grinstead (now closed)-Peter Robinson explains the joys of East Grinstead's Woolies to the KLF

Their music section was huge, or seemed so when I was about 11, and the centrepiece was a massive wall of the top 75 vinyl singles, many on 12in as well as 7in. On my first visit I raided the bargain bin for 10p 7ins. The concept of the album would not make sense to me for another year – why would I spend money on songs I'd never heard? – but that first bargain-bin haul, which included Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up and MARRS' Pump Up the Volume, made total sense then and makes total sense now.

I bought my first gramophone records from a branch of F. W. WOOLWORTH in London Road, Brighton, in 1937. They exclusively sold Crown records, which were 78 rpm speed but 9 inches in diameter, rather than the usual 10 inches. They cost six pence each. My favourite was “Is It True What They Say About Dixie?” by The Swing Rhythm Boys, which was a pseudonym for London dance band musicians. Comment Horce Harris.

How about F W Woolworth? Singles and LP’s available in their stores. I bought my first 45 rpm single from the store in St James’s Street in the 60’s. An Embassy Record with the theme from “Z Cars” on one side and “Dr Kildare” on the other. I still have it in its original paper sleeve. Their LP’s mainly consisted of the “Music for Pleasure” label – classical music and generic film and show themes, and the awful “Top of the Pops” series of long playing albums with cover versions of hit songs.
Richard Thornburgh

Debbie Neal Brigton Woolworths




London Road, Brighton BN1 4QS Brighton / East Sussex


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