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It used to sell the entire Top 75 singles and albums.
When singles dropped out the chart they were sold off cheap with the top corners of the sleeves stapled to stop you switching records. I remember one time they must've had a lot of Queen/Bowie's Under Pressure left over as they had an entire box of them for only 10p each. The shop changed into a Gateway and then later an Asda. Martin (2024)

Pauline McKay

I bought my first ever 7inch single in there.

Alan Neilson

My wife worked there, in the record department when 'Wings' had a hit with 'Mull of Kintyre'. It was played over ane over and over again. I don't think she's listened to it since.

Gagey John

Remember this store for records

Catherine Halcrow

I had a Saturday job in there when I was at school. Given a record player on a table and sold mull of kintyre all day 37 and a half pence. Still can't listen to it without feeling ill.


Dave Harwood
27 Apr 2024 at 02:25
I found this advert in the 'Leicester Chronicle' dated 6th October 1967 and also the 'Newcastle Journal' dated 26th October 1970: “Visit the fabulous WOOLCO RECORD DEPARTMENT. Choose from over 5,000 L.P.s on all major labels. All popular singles always in stock • CLASSICAL • JAZZ • CONTINENTAL IMPORTS, etc. SAVE POUNDS by choosing from our huge selection of * BARGAIN L.P.'s * by top artists on top labels! OPENING OFFERS INCLUDE 3 L.P.s for £1 and STEREO L.P.s at 10/-.”
... also this classified advert in the 'Leicester Daily Mercury' dated 6th July 1971:
“INTELLIGENT girl required for record department, Woolco Department Store, Oadby, Leicester. Experience preferable. Apply by Phone only: Miss Chamberlain Oadby 3647.”


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