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I remember this one, just off the end of High Row, seemed to be mostly a musical instrument store but had a good record section too. From memory I bought David Watts and Tube Station by the Jam there as well as prob others ( good little mod that I was ) as well as getting 'are friends electric' on pic disc for a kid at school who lived out of town and knew the pic discs would sell out in a day cos Tubeway army were on TOTP that night As it was an unknown thing it was only a quid and I thought if it's any good I'll give him the money back and keep it Saw it on TOTP and thought it was a load of old wank so Stu got the record the next day Naturally it was worth a tenner in the NME classifieds a week later and I went on to appreciate it as one of the greatest singles if it's time I'd kill for a pic disc copy now
Mark Bailey
Always best to go out of town (if you could) - Alan Fearnleys in M'Bro, Hitsville & Volume in Newcastle and Red Rhino in York. I think I only bought chart stuff in Williams and then by the late 80s it stopped selling vinyl altogether! Martyn Cain (2022)


Dave Harwood
15 Oct 2023 at 11:56
I found an advert in the ‘Newcastle Evening Chronicle’ dated 1st September 1988:
“WILLIAMS THE MUSIC PEOPLE - Gateshead Metro Centre • Darlington • Sunderland • Thornaby.”



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