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In the early to late 70s there used to be a really good shop in Barnet High Street, "White Rabbit" was at the Hadley Green end of Barnet, active from the early 70s, but it didn't last into the 80s. The shop was quite left-field for its time and you could find some pretty obscure stuff amongst the usual fayre. I bought Bowie's "Young Americans" here, but on another occasion, noticed they'd put Quiet Sun's "Mainstream" in the window, so intrigued, I went in and bought a copy. Thankfully, sometimes, you could judge a record by its cover, and this one is/was a lost classic. Comment: Jon Wozencroft. (April 15, 2017)

I'm sure there was a White Rabbit record shop in Wood Green High Road, in the mid 70's. I think it was near the tube station.

Peter Evans

When I was a kid I had a Saturday job for a while in White Rabbit Records in Barnet c. late 1974-5. My first boss was convinced the Byrds were the greatest band ever and his replacement thought that Neil Young was the greatest singer. Looking both both wished they were in San Francisco in 1967 and were, of course, complete heroes to me. I loved working there, finding out about cult American bands and generally, much to the amusement of the managers, spend nearly everything I earn on yet another cult record at the end of every shift - I was playing First Pull Up Them Pull Down by Hot Tuna just the other day.

Sadly I got sacked on the weekend following 24th February. The owner had ordered in a pile of boxes of Physical Graffiti which had been released that weekend and told us he wanted us to play the record non stop and sell every copy he'd bought in. At the end of the day, once business was slowing, I put on a Little Feat LP - we'd been promoting The Warner Brothers Music Show sampler and associated records in the few weeks before. The Owner returned unexpectedly and I had a rather sad "we don't need a Saturday boy" conversation afterwards. As a 14 year old I thought I was cool as you like - my next Saturday job was in a petrol station.... I've never really forgiven Zeppelin tbh. kjb

Mark Caudle
29 Apr 2024 at 08:49
I remember the White Rabbit in Barnet. It was officially opened by Mungo Jerry.
Dave Harwood
29 Apr 2024 at 11:14
White Rabbit Records are mentioned on the web page (dated 2013) at this link:
... which states that: “Digital Village, whose parent company White Rabbit Records went into administration on Friday.”
... and this comment by Paul at the bottom of the webpage: “White Rabbit was originally a record shop in High Barnet which later became Music Village. It was originally owned and run (as far as I remember) by one Alan Hindley, who later sold the business.”
There is also mention of White Rabbit Records in a tenant profile of the shop in High Street, Barnet: “White Rabbit Records Ltd. were established in 1974 and trade under the name of Digital Village.”



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