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A Memory of Wembley.

Wembley was a wonderful place to live and go to school. Even now into my 60's I can remember all the shops (not all their names) all the roads, all the back alleys. Growing up near the Wembley Triangle I lived here from 1957 until finally leaving the area in 1983. These photos are wonderful, we used to play football in front of the stadium in the various car parks (long before the buildings went up), we'd use all the shops. DeMarcos was the greatest Ice Cream ever, The Grove fish and chip shop was beyond compare. I even remember being taken to the Angus Steak House on reaching 16 with my Dad. I remember singles(45's) in the high street from the record shop on the corner of the High Road & Park Lane(the name escapes me). Park Lane was my first school, before going to East Lane for two years (another failed schools experiment) before eventually going to Copland. The whole area was fabulous as a kid (I appreciate I'm looking through rose coloured spectacles) but with the freedom we had in the sixties we truly went out in the morning and came home for dinner! The still undeveloped and dilapidated areas from the British Empire exhibition where kids ran riot (no health & safety in them days). This site and these photos are a joy to view, it was an incredible place to grow up.

The record shop on the corner was Wembley Music Salon, still got a lot of records bought there from '55 to '64 when I moved. Great memories!

By tezzalin on Fri Jul 14th 2017, at 5:56 am

Ahhh thank you, I remember buying my first singles there, if I close my eyes I could even recall the layout, I loved buying singles & EP's, albums were initially out of my league and it was where I have happy memories of records purchased which somewhere I still have.

By tony.hannington on Fri Jul 14th 2017, at 9:05 am

Wembley Music Salon where I was a Saturday salesman in1961 working with full time RayTerry.The business was owned and run by Mr & Mrs Minting - great times and great for chatting up girls who used to come and listen to records in the booth's. Happy days !!


Dave Harwood
16 Dec 2023 at 10:00
I found this advert in the 'Wembley News' dated 31st May 1963: “SPECIAL RECORD ANNOUNCEMENT: Direct Import of CONTINENTAL RECORDS from FRANCE, ITALY, SPAIN, Etc., only at Wembley Music Salon, 448 High Road, Wembley. Come in and browse around (opposite C & A Modes). Tel. Wembley 0159.”



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