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Around 1955, there was a bit of excitement in Whitechapel Road when Wally for Wireless opened – because Wally had invited Frankie Vaughan to do the honours. Doreen went along with her mother (Annie) and her friend Janet, along with hundreds of other screaming fans, but the shop was so crowded it was difficult to get more than a glimpse of their hero. Janet missed him altogether because she fainted in all the excitement, narrowly escaping being badly injured in the crush, and ended up in the London Hospital over the road. Annie Franks recalls that he “was much smaller than he looks on the television”! here to edit.EXTRACTS FROM “VOICES OF STEPNEY” CHARLIE BORG:

I am the only surviving child of WALLY surname was Segal.Vaguely remember the visit .Mylate father was an icon in his time. As l write l am looking at a record sleeve of the time with Wally for Wireless ltd written on it. Name Anita Zehavi

Just watching the Repair Shop on BBC1, they were repairing a Radiogram which brought back memories of my childhood living in Wapping and then Stepney. My husband and I then had a discussion on where our parents bought their electrical goods from, his parents went to Youngs and my dad always went to Wally for Wireless in Whitechapel. He was on first name terms with Wally, my dad was Reggie Tree.
Pat Griffiths




281-283 Whitechapel Road E1 Whitechapel / London
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