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Dave Harwood
15 Dec 2023 at 09:14
I found this advert in the 'Shields Gazette' dated 9th December 1938: “LOOK at our new windows FOR XMAS PRESENTS IN MUSIC AND MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. W. CLEMENT MILLARD Ltd., THE MUSIC SERVICE OF THE NORTH, 42 GRAINGER STREET, NEWCASTLE upon TYNE Phone: 23839.”
… and this in the 'Sunday Sun (Newcastle)' dated 3rd December 1950: “The MUSIC SERVICE of the NORTH. Modern Stock of Records and Musical Instruments. W. CLEMENT MILLARD LTD.”
30 Apr 2024 at 12:49
I found a 78 in a St Vincent de Paul charity shop in Brisbane Queensland today. It was Bing Crosby. The label said W. Clement Millard Ltd. The music servie etc...Bands for all Occasions. Did you know Dorothy Dave?



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