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I seem to remember that Virgin in Croydon had a separate section at the back of their shop
(with a door to keep the noise out!) for classical and jazz in the 1990’s. Dave Harwood (2022)

"Virgin Records (from which I guiltily picked up half a dozen copies of Joy Division's Komakino flexi)".
Bob Stanley

But the bigger shops had their worth too. The Virgin shop that used to be in Croydon High St (the one nearer West Croydon Station, not the one up near Allders) once got something for me that was only available on import. Yazoo in the US were called Yaz due to a copyright issue, and over there they released a 12" single of Situation (up to that point, in the UK it was only the b-side of Only You). I went into Virgin to see if they could get it imported, and the lady said she'd try for me. A couple of weeks later she phoned me up and said they'd managed to get it. I rushed there from home straight away - I was so thrilled to get hold of it, and she was really pleased too. She laughed as she said "Yep, we can get anything!"JJ


Dave Harwood
04 Aug 2023 at 10:09
“VIRGIN RETAIL has opened in two new sites as part of its continuing expansion programme. The latest stores are at Unit 9, Milburn Gate Centre, North Road, Durham, and 46 North End, Croydon. The latter was officially opened on Friday by Croydon's very own Captain Sensible.”
(Record Business, December 13th 1982)




Part of the Virgin chain

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