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I worked in Marble Arch until the Croydon re-vamp and then moved to New York where on a cold December day (the day after I arrived) I walked straight into Pete Dolan. Was the funniest coincidence. Comment: Richard Blackham

I was a bus ride away from Shirland Road to Edgware Road so the new store had to be seen. The only record I recall buying was Pink Floyd 'Wish You Were Here'. The problem, it was warped even though it was sealed in the black plastic cover. I had to return it more than once! I found out it was the heat bar used to seal the black plastic cover. That was the reason given. I don't recall the juke box room. The curator.

Was here in 1972 buying records

Brian Stevens (2023)

Carol Cox prucahsed a 12" remix of Chic-Le Freak.

Tim Kendall
27 Apr 2024 at 10:01
I worked here from 76 to 78 with a fantastic crew. We used to get calls from Richard Branson asking us to turn the sound down as he'd had complaints about noise from the cinema above us.



Marble Arch Westminster / London


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