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Virgin Records in Corporation street that had aircraft seats with headphones and good looking girls behind the counter. Steve Turner

My first ever shrink wrapped record was from the Virgin store in Birmingham hidden in the bowels of a building up the top of town. I couldn't believe the selection of records and on the plastic dividers you would often have the discography of the artist written so if an lp was out of stock you could order it from the list. Comment: HergestRidge

Virgin records, a superb place full to the brim of excellent goodies...I bought quiet a few Lp's and VIDEO'S from there.. A remember buying the very first Dave Lee Roth LP and a staff memeber saying to me ,oh man it's really OTT you're going to love it.. Yes mate I did and still have it, Great staff really friendly...I really miss those shops. Saturdays were so much fun. Comment: Paul Evens.

(Sept 6, 2013) Stuart Wade said:Totally agree, although the 90s my weekends and Mondays depending on new releases was spent in virgin records, I loved that shop and nowadays everytime I climb up that ramp I think about those old days and smile
(Aug 18, 2013) Ruth said:I would say this pic was taken circa 1971. The man in the pic was Paul Dolman and next to him was his wife Lyn who was my sister. I remember being in this shop and thinking how trendy it all was. Happy days
(Aug 2, 2013) Harry said:Does anybody know what year this photo was taken??

Yes the guy in the pic is Paul Dolman.I got to know paul in late 70s through working at RCA records and got a saturday job at virgin records.
the staff were all knowledgeable (ron.andy,vicky,paul,carol,sheena and many more) the picture must have been taken before my time at shop as Paul had shorter hair when I knew him after Paul left virgin he opened up a record shop in Bewdley which was quite successful bud sadly died I think in late 80s.
great guy!

( Jan 20, 2016)Yes I agree the picture was in the old shop and it was Paul. Tim took over as manager from Paul and was there when I went to |Uni in Brum in 1972. I was assistant manager to Paul in Feb 1976 when the new store opened at 74 Bull St. Noele Gordon from Crossroads did a PA soon after we opened! Not cool. Phil was the singles buyer who had come from Baileys. He was brilliant. Does anyone have a photo of the old shop at 177 Corporation St? Comment: Jon Webster.

Matt Gytrash I remember the original Brum Virgin in Corporation Street! It was managed by a shuffling longhair, had wooden racks stuffed full of albums and some beaten up old airline seats in front of the window where you could sit and listen to an album of your choice. Both sides. Then another if you fancied it! No pressure man... I bought most of my early records from there, including the Pistols' 'Anarchy...' on EMI. I so wish I still had that, but back in the day I never saw records as an investment opportunity.

Great record store bought my first jefferson airplane albums there.
Cora Elizabeth Fowler

Virgin Records a big part of my life ,as music was so important
Paul Lovell

Paul Lovell
I worked with Paul & Lynn at the Birmingham virgin shop and we became big friends visiting them at there apartment in Birmingham , Richard Branson would show up some nights great times I think that photo is around 1972.





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