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When Brian eventually broke up the band, Kris was finding juggling a music career and being a single parent family difficult so now out of a band he decided to go on the other side of the music business, retail. He eventually opened a record store in Barkingside, Essex, Vinyl Village, in 1984. Over the next six years Kris experimented with local musicians but was mainly focused on raising his son. Then he did a session with Glen Miller’s brother Herb Miller but not much else until he met a local heavy metal band, Elixir, who asked him to manage them. They formed a publishing company for their songs as there was a new album being released. Kris thought it would be a good idea to find some more artists to manage and record, someone suggested Chris Farlowe who he approached in 1990. From that early meeting Kris would go on to spend the next 18 years of his life steering Farlowe’s career from obscurity to the success he is today.



Vinyl Village in Barkingside waylaid me on many a journey home from school in the late 80s... Happy days!




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