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Name: Mark Hayward
Comment: This was my shop. I later opened a five-floor shop next door at 18 Hanway Street, London.

Name: Graham Pratchett
Comment: Loved the original shop. Needed to visit at least every month.

08 Jul 2023 at 07:33
My first visit was 1982, commercial records at the front and obscure vinyl in a smaller area at the back. Really liked the distribution they did for Nurse With Wound etc. but heard that was what broke the shop? Think it was UFO that took over in the mid-1990s? Not as good.
Dave Harwood
14 Dec 2023 at 08:16
I found this piece in 'The People' dated 19th March 1995: “... Your best bet is to go to a specialist record dealer or to a record fair. Try dealers Vinyl Experience at 18 Hanway Street, London W1P 9DD and, if you write to them, they’d appreciate an s.a.e. for their reply!”



20 Hanway Street W1T 1UG Fitzrovia / London
3 Buck Street NW1 8NJ Camden / London
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