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Phil Mackie I parted with a lot of cash at the Plumstead store in the early 1970s.

I was an indie kid Over and above these though were two of the three branches of TW records. TW, that for a while I assumed stood, like the TV show, for Tomorrow’s World, but actually stood for Twisted Wheel. Twisted Wheel is an altogether better name for a record store than Tomorrow’s World, and also better than it’s achronym so why the abbreviation I really don’t know. Maybe it was cheaper when the signwriters came. Two of my freinds had jobs there at one time or another, one of them practically made a career out of it. The Plumstead branch was the only record shop in the world I could remain in for hours at a time, thumbing through the racks, trying to find a misplaced Japan 12″ among the Rita Coolidge. Happy days indeed.

Bought Hey Jude there the day it came out in '68. (Price 6/8d.)Was called Twisted Wheel then before it was abbreviated.
Also remember sticking the cover of Ogdens Nutgone Flake up my jumper and walking out the store for a lark with my mates. Got 100 yards up the road and had a fit of conscience and snuck it back in again. Was way scarier taking it back.
Oh, the larks we got up to in the '60's :-)

When I was 16 I used to spend ages in TW Records in Erith. Bought loads of stuff from them and was briefly in a band with Ray's daughter. They could never get anything released by Rough Trade. Anyone know what happened to Alison who used to work there?

My Aunt Jean worked there in the 70's and 80's ,I used to go in there to get my punk and new wave records. Because me and my cousin's search for punk she would look through the store for these songs and made her famous "Jean's Punk Box" at the counter

Paul Harton




250 Plumstead High Street SE18 1JN Greenwich / London

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