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Name: Phil Abel
Comment: I also have fond memories of the shops in and around Muswell Hill, my teenage years home. Tudor Records next to the Post Office and Les Aldrich in Fortis Green Road both had the stand-up listening booths. I must have bought loads of Beatles records from them before moving on to Kevin Ayers, Pink Floyd and Ry Cooder. Les Aldrich are still there, or were a couple of years ago, selling classical CDs and sheet music.

Name: Chris Hughes
Comment: Tudor Records - originally next to the ABC Cinema at the top of Muswell Hill, then moved to The Broadway near the Post Office. Jean and Bunny Gold ran it. Les Aldrich (late of The Squadronaires?) was on the same side of the road as the Odeon, and later moved to the other side of the street.

Name: Ches
Comment: Les Aldrich is indeed still here in Muswell Hill, also selling instruments. That photo of the Tudor Records bag reminded me of why it was named so. It was the local phone area code when phones had letters on their dials (883..) which would yield TUD. Great shop!
(29 July 2012)

Name: Ian Shepherd
Comment: I bought, or rather my mum bought, my first Cliff singles and my first Shadows singles from Tudor when it was next to the ABC cinema (The Ritz at that time, I believe). When they'd moved I bought my first Tamla Motown single from them as well. When I was little I also knew their daughter, Sheila Gold. Later on, when the Golds retired, they sold the shop to Alan Davison, ex-Lightning Records and also ex-Laser Records. Whatever happened to Alan?
(1 June 2016)

Name: Shelagh Cohen
Comment: Wow! I've just discovered this page. I'm Jean and Bunny's daughter. What memories this has stirred.
(4 June 2016)

Name: Yvonne Carey
Comment: Wow this is a blast from the past! I used to help unpack new stock out the back to help pay for my records. Alan used to put new lovers rock and reggae limited editions aside for me. Most of my record collection which is in my loft was bought from Tudor Records. I remember Imagination lived around the corner and they were often in the shop and signed my LP cover for me.

Name: Paul McGrath
Comment: I remember the guy who was always serving there with a beard (Mike?) One saturday afternoon him and a guy he was serving were inspecting the front cover of Whitney Houston's latest single, I Wanna Dance With Somebody, when the other guy says "She looks like a Fraggle!"

Name: Graham Hall
Comment: I have been a record buyer since the early 1960s, and lived in Derby at the time. Like most towns, there were several record shops, but in my opinion, the best was in the Co-op department store in Albion Street. As this was the era of the pirate radio stations who played unknown acts as well as the top 40. On Caroline they constantly plugged acts on the Major Minor label, I used to buy some of these (honest!), but they were never on the shelf. Many times I was greeted by the manageress of the department with ‘Oh no, not you again!’. To me, a teenager, this lady seemed quite old, probably in her forties, she always had to search through her trade catalogues to find the distributor for these obscure records, but credit to her, they used to be in stock in around 2-3 days. Many times, she would reach to her shelves and say, ‘Here’s another that you’ve ordered’. Happy days.

Name: Alan Davison
Comment: Having just read this article about Tudor Records and Ian Shepherd asking whatever happened to Alan, well here I am. Some fantastic years owning that shop and that was when record shops were real record shops. Tudor Records had everything from record booths to loyal customers and a reputation to being able to get anything for everyone. Jean and Wilf (Bunny) were great record people and again I wonder whatever happened to their daughter Sheila? Anyone who remembers me and the shop please feel free to contact me.

Name: Mike Goddard
Comment: I can remember Alan Davison from long before this time when he was a rep for EMI !! Then he and Keith Gershon went to Lightning Records. Lived in Ilford I remember?

Ian Shepherd
23 Aug 2023 at 06:50
Well, well. Just come back to this after several years away to find both Alan and Shelagh have surfaced. Wow!
Hi Shelagh. I hope you are well. A whole lifetime has passed since then. Sheesh!
Hi Alan. Lovely to see you pop up. I still remember you giving me a lift in your BMW and playing me your latest Zen release. Was that around 1979-80? I see ELHAP is still going.
To Mike Goddard. It was Keith Yershon (with a Y), the super-nice guy who started me off on my first career (in the record business). After nine years, I decided that I was no record industry mogul and switched to IT, which is where I stayed.
Dave Harwood
13 Dec 2023 at 09:16
I found this advert on page 17 of the 'Hampstead News' dated 10th October 1958: “TUDOR RECORDS - FREE RECORDS to the value of £5 being presented tomorrow, SATURDAY, 11th OCT. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR COUPON WITH YOU * * * EVERY RECORD PURCHASER WILL RECEIVE A SPECIAL GIFT TOMORROW! TUDOR RECORDS, RITZ CINEMA, MUSWELL HILL, N.10.”
.. and this piece on page 20 of the same issue: “New record shop at Muswell Hill. Tudor Records is the name. Installed to suit the premises of a record shop that opened next to the Ritz Cinema on Monday. The owners, Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Gold, have lived in the district for over eight years.”
Alessandro Cozzi-Lepri
07 Apr 2024 at 03:01
I just found a box of 45s all with the Tudor sleeves in a local record shop. I wish it was still there!



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