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Name: Steve Panter
Comment: Tracks record shop, Lincoln, circa 1981. Some Sanctuary personnel found their way to this shop near the market at the turn of the decade. Friendly, enthusiastic staff , but no atmosphere or charisma like Sanctuary. A great shop nonetheless.

Name: Russell Smith
Comment: I'm pretty sure Tracks had the same owner as Sanctuary - it was only a record store for a short period of time and became a video rental shop when VHS caught on and may well have been the first video rental shop in Lincoln - which it did well at for a period.

When it was a record shop it didn't seem as well stocked as Sanctuary, but they used to do deals on Fridays, I recall getting a Small Faces double album for £1. I remember buying The Jam's Sound Affects and the Pretty Things' Cross Talk and The Kinks' double single Better Things on release, so the shop must have been there in 1980.

Name: Steve Cammack
Comment: Yeah, pretty sure that Steve Edwards worked at and ran Tracks. It was more mainstream rock and chart-orientated than Sanctuary Records, I remember buying the first Pigbag LP from them and getting the poster off the wall.
(11 April 2013)

Name: Paul Clendon
Comment: Also had a branch in Doncaster.

Name: Craig Howe
Comment: My family owned Track Records, my first job when I left school was working for my dad in Doncaster, I could see the end of the music retail industry when the first iPod was launched, oh how things change!




Sincil Street LN5 Lincoln / Lincolnshire
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