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You had to make an appointment to view stock which shared space with his newsagents. Lots of boxes of bran new reggae singles with string running through the centres. Harry Tipple was attacked in his home by gang. Mr Tipple of The Gramophone Record Retailers Association chaired the first meetings to set up “Record Retailer” magazine in Peckham in 1959.

( Feb 25, 2016) We recently cleared a house following the death of a family friend - He was 96 bless him and I found the bag with some old 45,s - including Dusty Springfield and Shirley Bassey. Best wishes Sharon Birchington on Sea Kent.

Harry Tipple was my uncle. Tipples was my Grandma and Grandads shop,and my uncle took over when my Grandad passed away and my Grandma became too old. The shop was on my way to school so I saw my grandparents almost every day.
My mum lived there as a child. My Grandad knew Matt Monroe before he was famous as he worked on the buses that stopped outside the shop. He used to get off the bus, get his paper and fags from Grandad before continuing the journey.

Even though my Uncles record section was full of Shirley Bassey and Val Doonigan LPs, I did manage to find in his stock a French import copy of the Sex Pistols "Anarchy in the UK"!! The modern front in the pictures was not as nice as the old fashioned newsagents frontage from the 1960s though.

My Grandad owned the newsagents / record shop (I may have an old photo of it), and the shop next door. The shop after that was the Pie and Mash Shop! I went to school with John Allard who lived there (I've great stories about that but not record related)

Grandad also owned a since demolished bike shop directly opposite. I have a pic of that. Thats more or less where the access road into the North Peckham Civic Centre is now. Next door to the bike shop, my auntie Rene owned the wool shop. Thats something else now! The issue over the gang break in was quite horrid and ended up on the front cover of the papers and Morning TV back in 1984. My Uncle had his toe cut off by the gang!! Bill Sirs, a trade union leader of the day, said on morning TV that it was Margaret Thatcher's fault!! My family have loads of history around that part of Peckham ... and none of it has anything to do with Fools, Horses, or Showaddywaddy LPs

David Filce






1 & 1a Peckham Park Road SE15 6TR Peckham / London

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