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David Norman

I think I still have a bag left in the attic! Bought a lot of CDs there and some concert tickets including Rush Eagles and Yes gig tickets!

Dan Shepherd

Yep. They had a 'costa type' loyalty card that you got stamped with each purchase. Always good for a mooch.

Stephen Nanda

I designed their logo and that bag back in the day and sprayed his shop shutters with a jungle sunset, good times

Joanne Dunster

Got my bryan adams tickets for the brewery field from there x

Michelle Howell

Oh my word! I practically lived in this shop as a teenager, right up until it closed due to online streaming; legal and illegal. Loved this shop, was really sad to see it go. I think I included it in a filmed, college documentary I made...when I was 19. Wish I knew where it was!

Alyson Coaker

The pens with, “This pen has been stolen from the Jungle” written on them