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Keith Randall Stanley, I envy you finding The Diskery then. It took me until late '67, but I made up for lost time by buying a lot of LPs and EPs there. I didn't always get on well with Maurice the proprietor, but his manager, Jim, was a good man. Perhaps my most vivid memory is of finding The Last Great Sixties Blues Compilation there, on the weekend of its release.

I went to The Diskery in about 1963, a naive teenager thinking that playing jazz at home would be an act of rebellion. Certainly the shop was all I could hope it to be - felt a complete outsider. I bought one of Jelly Roll Morton's Library of Congress recordings, in green sleeve and with a glassine sleeves. I did not realize that most of it was talk! My next purchase was Thelonious Monk's "Thelonious Himself".
Jan Witkowski

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Carl Dene quote from 'The Record Players'.




86 Western Road Brighton / East Sussex
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