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Name: Gordon Keitch
Comment: I remember a coffee bar of that name in Middle Street. You could get chip rolls there.

Name: Geoff Finch
Comment: Yeah, l remember The Cottage, opposite the Dome. Some sad history with a staff member, but a great shop. Terrance who worked there was my go-to classical expert when l had my own shop.

Name: Jon Mansell
Comment: Was it called one-o-seven at one point?

Name: Catherine Clement
Comment: Possibly 107 Southover Street?

Name: Geoff Hearn
Comment: I spent many days flicking through the record bins there, buying, selling and part exchanging records A very pleasant memory from my early days in Brighton when I lived in Over Street!

Name: Stephen Hodgkins
Comment: Quite a lot of bargains to be had... still got them all... 45 years on.



111 Church Street BN1 1UD Brighton / East Sussex
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