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Bristolian Adam White, who shared his photograph of the Clifton Record Shop, from which he ran a mail-order Motown record service and newsletter, attended the 1965 gig. “It changed my world – I had never heard music like it” Adam says. “By the time the tour came to Bristol, I was a fully signed-up member of the Motown fan club. I first heard Motown records in 1963 and it changed my world – I had never heard music like it. I was absolutely obsessed – they meant everything to me.


Dave Harwood
06 Dec 2023 at 07:33
I found this article in the 'Bristol Evening Post' dated 14th April 1960: “Next Saturday sees the birth of a new venture - the opening of the Record Shop at 1 Boyces Avenue, the first of its kind in that district. This shop, which has been converted from an antique shop built 150 years ago, has received a new fascia and inside has been entirely redesigned in a bright and unusual colour scheme of lilac and canary yellow. There will be in stock a number of classical and pop records (including the latest of the Top Twenty) both in stereo and monaural versions and covered-in listening booths for patrons, who will be able to browse to their heart's content. Besides records, the Clifton Record Shop will stock accessories such as record cleaning pads and needles.”
… and this advert in the 13th May 1960 edition: “RECORDS TAPES & ACCESSORIES from the CLIFTON RECORD SHOP, BOYCES AVENUE, BRISTOL 8. Telephone 3-9908.”
… also this advert in the 'Western Daily Press' dated 15th June 1962: “We purchase slightly used LPs - CLIFTON RECORD SHOP Boyce's Avenue, Clifton, Bristol 8. Tel. 3-9908.”
… and the most recent listing in the 6th September 1974 edition: “Clifton Record Shop 1 Boyce's Avenue.”



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