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Dave Harwood
05 Dec 2023 at 11:31
I found this article in the 'Hull Daily Mail' dated 31st October 1927 which tells the story of how S.S. Hull became Sydney Scarborough:
“TWELVE YEARS AGO there was opened at 12 Anlaby Road, Hull, a modest little shop for the sale of gramophones and records. Believing that Hull's music-lovers deserved wider musical facilities than were then available it was decided as a result of lengthy investigations to concentrate upon the presentation of the Columbia range of gramophones and records. The first week the takings were £15, but by the Christmas of that year (1915) the little business had become established as one of the most promising musical institutions of Hull. Through the various stages of Columbia development, the store of S.S. Hull kept pace with amazing progress. First the no-scratch Columbia records, then the wonderful Grafonola of 1923, followed by the Columbia Electric Recording triumph in 1925, and finally the now famous scientific gramophone, the VIVA-TONAL COLUMBIA of the present day. Many, many times was the little shop crowded out with enthusiastic music-lovers anxious to see and hear some new Columbia achievement - taking advantage of facilities which had not before been available. For that support we are grateful. For the kindly encouragement offered by our friends we are especially grateful. TO-DAY we offer Hull a wonderful new gramophone salon in a more central and convenient position UNDER THE CITY HALL, and to celebrate the occasion we use the individual name of SYDNEY SCARBOROUGH.”
… and this advert in the 'Hull Daily Mail' dated Tuesday 31st January 1939:
“RECORDS: HULL AUTOGRAPH OFFER opportunity for music lovers to have autographed records of Reginald Foort offered by Sydney Scarborough. Friday next, Reginald Foort will visit the showrooms under the City Hall. Hull, 3.30 p.m.”
Dave Harwood
16 Jan 2024 at 04:50
After seeing the slogan: 'GET YOUR CHART SINGLES FROM BINNS!' in the 'Bongo News' guide to 'How you can use Sidney Scarborough', I found this address for Binns department store in the 'Hull Daily Mail' dated 10th December 1974: “Binns Record Department, Paragon Square, Hull, Yorkshire.”



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