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Dave Harwood
04 Dec 2023 at 07:30
I found this advert in the 'Gloucestershire Echo' dated 3rd March 1932: “BUY THE ABOVE RECORDS from the Local Dealer, SYD TONGE, The Record Specialist, WINCHCOMBE ST., CHELTENHAM.”
… and this notice in the 'Tewkesbury Register' dated 12th December 1953: “SYD. TONGE (Cheltenham) Announces the opening of a new branch for the sale of first-class GRAMOPHONES, RECORDS, MUSIC INSTRUMENTS, ETC. MODEL KITS & TOYS at 69 Church Street, TEWKESBURY ON Monday, December 14th. WE SHALL HAVE THE TOP TWENTY IN RECORDS.”
… and also this notice in the 13th February 1954 edition: “NOTICE: CHANGE OF ADDRESS. The Business of SYD TONGE is being transferred from 69 CHURCH STREET, TEWKESBURY to our new agents at THE KNITTING SHOP 93 CHURCH STREET, for Music, Records, Model Aircraft Kits, etc., as from MONDAY, FEBRUARY 15th.”
Keith Pengelly
29 Feb 2024 at 12:42
I spent many a school lunchtime out of bounds in the basement record department of Syd Tonge. This was in the late 50's . There was a delightful young shop assistant of Irish descent who would play our requests for us. Alas I don't remember her name.



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