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Name: deebster
Comment: Just read the sad news that Gareth/Gaz Owen of Swordfish Records in Birmingham died last week.

Like many others I spent a large chunk of my life and income in Swordfish and whilst I found Mike the more chatty of the two, I had some good conversations with him. He didn't seem too keen when I gave him a bottle of my home-made record cleaning fluid as a sample and offered to supply him with more, but hey ho, he probably thought it was like Peckham spring water.

Very spooky also for me as just this morning I was wondering how Mike is, since his arthritis had all but crippled him last time I saw him, making visits to the shop infrequent. Gaz on the other hand looked as fit as a butcher's dog and would park his bike in there.

RIP Gaz. Thanks for the music.
(August 2021)


Dave Harwood
08 May 2024 at 02:28
I found this piece in the 'Birmingham Weekly Mercury' dated 14th April 1996: “Mike Caddick of Swordfish Records in Needless Alley said: “1995 was an excellent year for us. I don’t think the new Tower store will have much effect on the independents. It’s more likely to hit the smaller HMV in New Street.” Both HMV and Virgin said they welcomed the new competition and that they were confident of retaining their market share. A Tower Records spokeswoman said: “We have chosen Birmingham because it is the second city and we have found an excellent site.”



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