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A Memory of Harlow.

I used to spend many an hour in Startime with headphones on listening to what was new. In 69 I went there on my dinnertime from Gilbey's to buy the new Stones album Let It Bleed. There was a queue right round the Market Square doing the same thing. Unbelievable but I got a copy. And I used my paper round money in about 63 to buy a 5 speed racer from Blakes. It was 5 bob a week total cost £16 which was quite a bit then as my dad was on about a fiver a week.Helen Donovan

Remember it? I was always in that shop, leafing through the 12” soul and jazz funk records!


Dave Harwood
30 Jul 2023 at 08:34
A British Newspaper Archive search found a record shop called ‘Startime Records’ mentioned in the Herts & Essex Observer from 1969 – 1983. They had at least two branches – one at 21 Post Office Walk, Harlow, Essex (which became a restaurant – Ben’s Brasserie in 1984) and another at 12 Jackson Square, Bishop's Stortford, Herts (which became a branch of Our Price in 1984).



Garden Square Shopping Centre Letchworth Garden City / Hertfordshire
21 Post Office Walk Harlow / Essex
12 Jackson Square Bishop's Stortford / Hertfordshire
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