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March 10, 2015) Yes, Happy days and memories trekking round Sunderland on a Saturday visiting Bergs, Spinning Disc and T.W.Atkinsons. There were others but these three were my main record shops that I used from 1970 until 1977 and then I went shopping more in Newcastle. Bergs used to have all the new releases in their window. It was a small shop but I remember seeing Free's 1972 album FREE AT LAST in early June 1972 and going into buy it. Think it was 2.32 GBP, probably about 5 weeks pocket money then. I remember sitting on the JOLLY Bus on the home looking at the sleeve and thinking the photo of Paul Kossoff looked terrible on the rear cover. It is still one of my favourite FREE albums, wonderful times. I saw Free for the last time on 16 October 1972 and even bought that ticket at Bergs.... no rip off Ticket Master type gangsters in those days. You queued up for your records and tickets in the hope you would get one ah the wonderful age without mobile phones, internet happy happy days. Comment: Alan Brown
Tom was the man to source records for you used to be in every week and he rarely disappointed me. Happy days :-)
James Smith

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