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Name: Paul Willetts.
Comment: As I recall, Sounds Good was a one-room business, located in an old corner shop. I remember going there a lot in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Like all of the shops in that area, it was pretty decrepit. If memory serves me right, it was run by an ageing, quiffed rocker. Mind you, I was so young in those days that the bloke in question was probably only about 40. Over the years, I bought piles of old American records from his shop: records by The MC5, The Doors and The Stooges.

Name: Charles Ramsden
Comment: I spent my grant money (such as it was) most weeks at Sounds Good when I was a Nottingham University student from 1976-79. I mostly bought rock & roll 45s - you could get most things in that range for under £5 at the time, although they sold a few rarer issues for £5-10, and the real rarities for £10-£20. It was a typical one shop room plus back cupboard area for storing stock and making the tea. There were a couple of blokes then: presumably it failed at some point or they got bored with barely making a living and jacked it in.




51 Alfreton Road NG7 3JE Nottingham / Nottinghamshire
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