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This was Pama's chain of shops, with 78 Craven Park Road being the HQ. The Uxbridge Road shop later became a branch of Muzik City, and Reggae singer Winston Groovy told me that he worked at the Peckham Branch prior to managing the Muzik City shop in Lewisham Model Market. Comment: Mark Griffiths.

Name Andrea Isaac Comment: Growing up as kid in the early seventies, our family always referred to the shop in The Black Market (it was the only place to buy food and goods for black people) as Winston Groovy. We were lucky to have such a record shop locally. (Dec 4, 2016)

I remember Soundville well
I was born just round the corner in Tunley road
On opening day Tony Blackburn was supposed to do the official opening but didn’t turn up
Or it was just a rumour
They were either giving away or selling for £1
The lp Champ by the Mohawks worth £100 plus now
Every Friday about 10 of us (skinheads)
Would go there and spend half our wages on the new pre-releases
I still have some of them now
They also organised a sound system every Friday night in the white horse pub and I’ll never forget the first record they played ( what am I to do now by Tony Scott)
The whole place erupted and everyone danced the ratoon
My Brother Graham ended up working in Soundville and would advise us the best new records
Skinhead was a way of life then no racism just mates sharing their love of music
Great times
Steve Davies

I was at the SoundVille shop on Uxbridge Road, Shepard's Bush the day it was opened. Pat Kelly was there from Jamaica. I got him to sign my autograph book. It was summer or early September 1969. I brought the records Dr Sappa Too, Anywhere and My Whole World is Falling Down all on the Bamboo label. I would buy tunes from Webster in the market, but on that day, I think it was a Saturday, saved enough money to buy three 45s at SoundVille.

Rey Bowen




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