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Dave Harwood
15 Apr 2024 at 10:59
I found this in the 'Fulham Chronicle' dated 28th July 1967: “LOOKING FOR SOMEWHERE TO GO? Why not call and browse around at Fulham's latest Record Shop - SOUND SCENE, 309 Fulham Palace Road, S.W.6. Telephone: 01-736 2564.”
... and this piece in the 4th August 1967 edition:
“I hear that a new record shop has opened in Fulham Palace Road, at No. 309, called the Sound Scene. Owner of the shop is Mr. Jim Collyer, and he really knows what he's talking about regarding the record world. Until recently, he was the general manager of the independent record company Strike and he was the man behind the scenes for Neil Christian, who you will recall making the charts some months back with 'That's Nice'. Mr. Collyer has spent over £1,000 on re-modernising the shop, which used to sell antiques.”
... there is more interesting information about Neil Christian at this link:



309 Fulham Palace Road SW6 6TQ Fulham / London
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