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Name: Tony
Comment: I spent about half my teenage years in this great record shop. It was recommended to me by my dad who was born in Slough and I remember going there for the first time thinking it can't be that good if he's recommending it. How wrong I was. I spent practically every lunchtime in there when I was at Slough College which made me unintentionally into a bit of a social outcast. The worst thing was the wait. I would buy records at lunchtime and then have to wait the whole day before I could get home and play them. Slipping them out under the desk in the classroom just to have a look at then now and then. Slough Record Centre is missed.
(16 October 2012)


Carl Nyman
20 Mar 2024 at 08:53
I cried the day they closed. I was there for the in-store party on the day, where wine and nibbles were served; in fact, I bought the very last CD they ever sold! The owner, Ray, and his lovely wife (whose name temporarily escapes me, sorry), were wonderful people.
They had really committed, incredibly knowledgeable staff, Tony and Dave in particular, who really knew their stuff. as an obsessive Rock 'n' Roll collector, I was always extremely excited when anything new, rare or unusual came in, and Dave and Tony would always ring me in advance, thus ensuring I would be first in the queue to get the said item. Ray couldn't do enough for you when you went in, whether to buy or to merely listen to the latest tunes or something more obscure. I useed to collect vinyl like a man possessed and loved it when shaped and coloured 7" singles came out, collecting everything in sight. More latterly, Ray's son and daughter joined the team, both equally as committed as the rest of the team. (Sorry guys, but again your names escape me). I do know that the daughter was a renowned DJ and that the son arranged filming for the day of closure, something I would give my right arm to have a copy of! During the 1970s Rock 'n' Roll revival, when reissues on Charley or new groups began to emerge, the Teds could often be seen in their droves, flicking their way through the racks; great days indeed. Most of what I earned in those days was spent on records, in fact, my very first purchase (with my own money) was Michael Jackson's 'Ben' in the August of 1972 (not quite Rock 'n' Roll but a defining song for me in my musical education). Tony and Dave also used to turn me on to new bands and singers, something I will always be grateful for. (Anyone remember the Rockin' Ricky And The Velvet Collars version of 'Someone Someone', a wonderful, wonderful tune?). I believe Dave retired to Ireland and I once bumped into Tony over in Windsor, both lovely guys and I miss them dearly; I miss them all actually, most of all the shop itself. Slough Record Centre was the best record shop around, I've been to hundreds but none came close. Thank you all, each and every one of you, for being with me, guiding me and enriching me, on my lifelong musical journey - Carl Nyman.
Carl Nyman
21 Mar 2024 at 12:14
Apologies for providing the wrong name in my earlier review, it was Terry, not Tony! And I now remember Ray's son's name, Simon I believe. I also have photos of the last day if you want them uploaded to this site.



243 Farnham Road SL2 1DE Slough / Berkshire
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