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Name: Roger Miners
Comment: Top man Kevin, I used to go every Friday night after school at Penrice and he’d let me hear a lot of American smooth jazz like Larry Carlton, Lee Ritenour, Weather Report, Crusaders etc. Forever grateful to the man.

Name: Ian Smith
Comment: I used to go there every Friday with fellow DJ Mad Max. Kev would tell us what we needed, we always left with a bag full of vinyl. Happy Days.

Name: Mark Allen
Comment: Because of Kevin, I still have many U2 limited edition records. So he will always be a legend to me!

Name: Ant Green de Siecle-Lindup-Craze
Comment: Used to travel up from Truro to shop there. What is the manager doing these days? He was a nice chap!

Name: Nick Biggs
Comment: Was a great shop. Prog rock heaven.

Name: Em Lee
Comment: Ordered my first B52s album from Kevin, it took about two months to come but eventually arrived - those were the days... I just loved this record shop. We would hang out here every Saturday - oh, and the Wimpy of course!!

Name: Jane Hurley
Comment: I remember when the Nolans came to St Austell to open this store. They turned up in an old battered Franks taxi!

Name: David Greet
Comment: Overheard this outside Vernons shop today:

"I delivered records down to Kev back in the day. Had all sorts of problems trying to get down there almost every Monday, Thursday and Friday. Crashed, robbed, fell off, hid, disappeared. Kev used to go f***ing mental asking, 'what shall I tell the kids?' I used to say, just give them truth, Kev, they'll understand.
He'd sometimes also ask if I knew how many 27p discounts my problems had led to before adding them up on a weird calculator. Nice Bloke. Hear he's a paper-selling projectionist now".

Fancy that.

Name: Jed Bennett
Comment: Bought my first album there (Rage Against The Machine on cassette). Kev used to let you have the posters when he changed the displays so my room always looked good!

Name: Gill Boraston
Comment: I've still got a life-sized cardboard cutout of Robert Smith that Kevin let me have!

Name: Gail Stewart
Comment: I remember Saffron Records and the spiral staircase going upstairs!

Name: Tom Hollingdrake
Comment: Kicked off my DJ career! A legend who knew his hardcore and could get me almost any vinyl I asked for!

Name: Matt Gullam
Comment: Saffron Records was amazing and Kevin was a legend. Always gave me promo CDs/12"s and a discount between 10 and 30%. Support your local record shop, people... Oh, I forgot, there aren't any any more.


Dave Harwood
25 Apr 2024 at 03:31
I found this advert in the 'West Briton & Cornwall Advertiser' dated 20th February 1975:
“RECORD SHOP OPENING (Friday, Feb. 21st) SAFFRON RECORDS, 13 Victoria Square, Truro, with a comprehensive stock of RECORDS and TAPES, STATIONERY, CARDS, PENS, GIFTS, etc. 10% discount on all stock.”
... and this in the 1st May 1975 edition:
... plus these addresses in the 28th February 1980 edition: “Tickets £3.50 each available from Saffron Records, Fore Street, St. Austell; Saffron Records, Victoria Square, Truro.”



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