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Shades Records – The Greatest Record Store There Ever Was: A Tribute for Record Store Day.

Shades in Soho was my record shop of choice back in the day...I didn't live in the UK then but spent a couple summers in London visiting family. Late '80's, was listening to Poison and Joe Satriani. Got into London hair metal bands Tattooed Love Boys and Tigertailz. Shades was one of the places in London where you could hang out and know that you were among your tribe. Good times. Comment: venturezozo
(July 9, 2013) Anonymous said:I worked In Shades 85 to 90 , rock died when that store died in 92....Kelv Hellraz

Name Dave Jones Comment: Shades was always the last port of call before queuing up at the Marquee down the road. (July 30, 2017).

went there in the summer of 1985 since i cut out all the ads in Kerrang magazine. When I arrived there was a huge line of metalheads lined up and I soon learned that to my amazement, Metallica were signing that day in a couple of hours. I quickly despatched my mom and joined in. Met the original lineup and got a poster signed in addition to buying around 30 vinyls. Amazing store in the golden age of thrash and metal.
Peter Dlugosinski

Loved this shop. Started visiting at 14 in 1986 and was a regular until it closed. The greatest independent record shop ever. If you couldn't get it at Shades, you just couldn't get it.
Grant Taylor




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