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Name: John Watson
Comment: My family owned these stores and I managed the store for six years in the 1980s. We did the full spectrum of music but specialised in imported soul, dance and rare groove records. Great memories and some great friends made during my time there. Worked with Donna Hunt, and some regulars included Idris, Listiel, Mickey, and big Colin who worked in Mr Byrites.

Name: John Blewitt
Comment: I was always in the East Ham one on a Saturday, spent most of my wages in there. It broke my heart when it closed - I've still got all my vinyl that came out of the shop, I loved it.
(26 March 2016)

Name: Yuri Naraine
Comment: Remembered looking at a copy of Lillo Thomas' album Lillo and buying a hat similar to the one he was wearing on the front cover from Dunn & Co which used to be next door on High St North.
(4 May 2016)

Name: Jimmy The Moonlight
Comment: Sgt Peppers was ace. A regular stop on our record buying Saturdays. Had a good seven-inch section and were happy to stock local bands' releases. There was a record shop opposite where local rock outfit T34 used to rehearse after hours.
(31 August 2016)

Name: Kelvin Page
Comment: Forgot its name to be honest, but I too have many fond memories of going to Sgt Peppers record shop to get my fix, on hearing the latest jazz, funk or soul music being played there. My mate Steve Jepson lived in Oakfield Road, East Ham, I would call round for him then off we would walk down East Ham High Street to Sgt Peppers to buy the latest tune out; great days, still very much missed.
(6 August 2017)

Name: Graeme Braby
Comment: Got CDs and vinyl and posters from the East Ham store, remember the little stamp on the booklet inside

Name: John H
Comment: I was living up the Romford Road in the mid-eighties and used to frequent the East Ham Sgt Peppers shop. Just listening to a copy of the Cool Notes' Have a Good Forever purchased there. Great memories!

Name: Soodesh Chocken
Comment: I remember the store in East Ham very well. From around 1987 (I was 12), I used to steal money from my dad's till in his shop and pop to Sgt Peppers after school to get my dose of some 12" vinyls. I still have all my vinyls I bought from the store. If I remember correctly a store opened up in Ilford too? Great memories!




8-20 Well Street E9 7PX Hackney / London
673 Green Lane RM8 1UU Dagenham / London
152 High Street North E6 2HT East Ham / London
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