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What a great shop this was, and run by a real gentleman in Lester Marriner, and often aided by his son Andre Marriner, who many will recognise as one of the better Premier League referees now ! They sold a great mix of collectable vinyl, Albums and 45s, and CDs too. Many a happy lunch hour spent there in the 90's as I only worked at the back at BT in 95 Newhall Street. Very disappointed when they moved out to make way for redevelopments. Last I heard, Lester ran a market stall in Chelmsley Wood. If only we had more shops like Second City Sounds, particularly with the upsurge in vinyl once more. Comment Keith Howell.

Second City Sounds - bit of a trek up past the library but well worth it. Found a copy of Flux of Pink Indians' notorious LP here. Comment; Virgil Hilts

I went to Aston University in 1992 and, even with meagre student funds, I visited this place every month. Best (and probably only one I remember) LP I bought from here was "The Sound of Bread". Still like it as much for the music as for the memories of that cold winter / spring 1992-93. Commnet: Rob

(Dec 15, 2013) Sarah said:I know the family well :) lovely people

I Lived in Second City Sounds every saturday through the mid 8ts to early 9ts, it sat next to the Mod cafe at the back of central library, and lads of kids would trek from the Outrigger on Moor street across town, sometimes through the Bull Ring, which was a dangerous place due to the rudies and Zulu’s that hung out in there. Great shop that I literally had tons of Soul and beat 45’s from. happy memories. Comment: Malcolm Collins.

(July 9, 2015) Great shop, I used to work there part time along with Frank Valente. As mentioned above Lester was a great guy and he should also be remembered for starting the original Birmingham record fair, and also the first person to take record fairs on the road. Happy days. Comment: Bill Williams.
Name Phil Kay Comment: I spent every Saturday at Second City Sounds and the Mod cafe in the 80's.
And yes I was one of the Mods (still got a scoot) that used to trek to and from the Outrigger.
Always great fun dodging the Zulus and rude boys.Great times. (Sept 8, 2016)
I never visited the shop as I live in Bristol, however I used to be on Lester Marriner's mailing list and attended the very first Record Fairs he brought to Bristol from 1980 onwards.
John Pickford

Used to love going there they used to say if paying by cheque can you round it up and they used to give you the pennies back lol
Saturdays days would have been down to the lady in the rag market you used to have thousands of records then to reddingtons then to swordfish franks wild records plastic factory then to second city sounds good days they were
Used to get some decent bargains from all of them especially reddingtons on a Saturday when he used to have his half price sale on
Gary Horton
I lived in Edinburgh in the 80s and was and still a great fan of the Hollies. Whenever I visited Birmingham I used to visit Lesters Shop. And used enjoy many a great chat with and when he visited Scotland with his Record Fairs. A real top Guy. With a very kind side to him. Russ
Russ Quilty


Dave Harwood
09 May 2024 at 04:04
I found this advert in the 'Sandwell Evening Mail' dated 10th September 1990: “West Coast, Punk & New Wave etc. on LP, 12in, 45, EP, plus loads more on Picture Disc, Shapes, etc. etc. RARE RECORDS BOUGHT, SOLD & EXCHANGED. Second City Sounds 57 SUMMER ROW, BIRMINGHAM B3 1JJ (500 YARDS BEHIND THE TOWN HALL). TEL 021-236 8648.”



57 Summer Row City Centre / Birmingham
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