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Name: Graham Larkbey
Comment: The Hounslow branch was good for reggae in the early 1970s - the young mod guy behind the counter was clearly an enthusiast. I got my copy of Swan Lake by The Cats there!

Name: Niall
Comment: I bought my first record in 1973. I used to get 5p a day pocket money with 10p on Saturday and nothing on Sunday. I cycled to the electrical shop Rumbelows, which was the only shop near me that sold records and bought Gary Glitter's I Love, You Love, Me Love for 33p on the day of release.
After that, every Saturday I bought a single until I discovered that you could buy jukebox-used singles for 15p in a nearby sweetshop. By the age of 11, I was canny enough to cycle to Ilford where I frequented Penny Farthing.

Happy days!


Dave Harwood
27 Nov 2023 at 05:31
I found this advert dated 21st October 1969:
“Choose from thousands of records at Rumbelows Record Bars. Singles from 3/6. LP's from 17/6.”




Part of the Rumbelows chain

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