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“My teenage years in record shop bags: Roxcene, Newport - hair-metal a speciality, top floor of the Kingsway next door to the sex shop.” Craig Austin

Stu Silcox

I bought physical graffiti from there....twas warped but still played it to death

Hawkmarty SUBS

Many are called...
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Had a delve into one of my memory boxes and dug out a load of record bags from my youth.
From Cardiff I have Spillers, Buffalo Records, Sound Advice and those orange Virgin. I also have a paper Virgin 7" bag with the Rocket Ranger cartoon on it.
From Penarth I have In Sounds and one of those Woolies bags with the musicians on it with the legend "Woolworths For Top Records".
From Newport Roxcene Records.
From Yeovil Acorn Records.
There's a Parrot Records too which advertises shops in Southend, Chelmsford, Ipswich, Colchester, Braintree & Sudbury.
I even have a paper 12" Spillers bag which has little records all over it and advertises Spillers in Cardiff and Newport.



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