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I bought my first single, the Stones `Paint It Black`(6s 8d) at Rothery`s, St. Helens and first album `Rubber Soul`- £1 13s 6d or 16 pints!!! Vinyl is a bloody bargain these days compared to what we kids had to pay then. Rotherys was like your first record shop `itfc`, a department in an independant pre Comet/Dixons electrical store. They had small booths where we used to go at lunch from St. Helens College and listen to new releases. The shop had a very good range of music, soul, Motown and the stuff I was into West Coast music, Doors, Airplane, Quicksiver MS. They also had a room in the back where you could listen to entire albums before choosing to buy or not, it was a very enlightened place, what was not to like? Richie Richie




42 Orsmskirk Street St Helens / Merseyside
5-7 Atherton Street Prescot / Merseyside
47 Gerard Street Ashton-in Makerfield / Merseyside
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