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Name: Jamie Renton
Comment: I remember a shop back in the early 1980s called (I think) Roots International Records, a short-lived operation on Caledonian Road, owned and run by Errol Dunkley. This was a few years after he'd had a national UK pop hit with OK Fred. So I can honestly claim to have bought second-hand Jamaican 12" singles from a genuine chart star (and you can't get that shopping online now, can you?)

I once tried to return a Gregory Isaacs single to the shop because it was warped. "Put a two pence on it" advised Errol D. "Look I'll show you" and with that he slammed the record on to the shop's turmtable and stuck an old 2p coin on top of its label. It played like a dream!




Caledonian Road Islington / London
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