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Name: Virgil Hilts
Comment: Rockers - before it became Swordfish and moved right into the centre this was a great little shop in Hurst Street. Got my first copy of Physical Graffiti here. I remember one occasion I was paying at the till when the ceiling collapsed, covering the guy in dust and plaster.

Name: Marcus Cale
Comment: Many happy hours spent in Rockers with Mike & Gaz. The home of the original Duran Duran fan club. A memorable afternoon when Kevin Rowland (Dexy’s) came in with his manager and they repeatedly played different mixes of Geno over the shop's sound system to select the best one. Our verdict – not a hit: but I think it went to number one!


Dave Harwood
27 Nov 2023 at 11:12
I found this advert in the 'Birmingham Mail' dated 20th February 1987: “CASH PAID for second-hand records, especially 60’s and 70’s rock and 'New Wave' - ROCKERS 76 Hurst Street, Birmingham. Tel: 021 622 3979.”



76 Hurst Street B5 Chinese Quarter / Birmingham
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