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Name: Scott McCready.
Comment: Original 1980s edition carrier bag from Greenock's premier purveyor of post punk and vintage rock and roll badness. I stalked this shop when I was at high school in the mid 1980s. Filing sleeves misplaced in racks, hanging at the counter until the last possible minute before teatime, occasional errand boy and requester of new stock. So much so they finally caved in and gave me a Saturday job when I was at uni. Doing pretty much what I'd done before but getting paid £10 a day to do so PLUS discount on record's cost plus VAT!

After I graduated I got a job with the then tiny Fopp chain, moved to Sheffield to open their first store in England, moved to London to manage various independent record labels, and following that the sales and marketing side of an independent distributor. In other words having a f***ing great time and being paid for it. All that happened because the good people at Rhythmic gave me a job. Literally changed my life. Thank you Andy, Bill, Billy, and Davie. Amazingly Rhythmic is still open. So if you are ever unlucky enough to be in Greenock do yourself a favour, pop in, buy something and be transported.

Name: Andy Clark
Comment: Ah, Shady, one of the many greats that worked at Rhythmic!
(15 September 2015)

Name: Louie Pastore.
Comment: Not only did the shop supply records, it was also supportive of local bands, helping them to produce and sell their singles and demo tapes, promote their gigs and selling tickets, and was also selling local fanzines.
(10 October 2016)




Hamilton Gate PA15 1JW Greenock / Scotland
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