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As seen from the bag, Reeds main shop was was in Atwell Road, off Rye Lane,Peckham. Although the bag says 'and branches 'there was only one other branch as far as I remember-just down the road from me in Dartmouth Rd. Forest Hill,which opened in 1956.The Peckham branch was older-the original one. Ray(surname unknown) was the owner of the Forest Hill Reeds for many years,from the late 60's until it closed in the 1980's. They had a huge, wonderful window display of LP covers in the 70's-all the Bowie, Led Zep, Floyd albums, which used to fascinate me as a boy. The inside of the shop was tiny, however with seemingly only a small selection -there were more L.P.'s in the window than inside! Singles wise they stocked the Top 20 etc..I'm embarrassed to say I bought a Punk single from there in 1977 during my school lunch break-unfortunately it was The Boomtown Rats' Looking After No.1 after seeing them do it on Top Of The Pops the day before. Comment: Michael Viner.

Ray's surnames Jones and Reeds had a store in the west end in the 60s run by Ray Jones the Peckham store closed about 1997?

Does anyone know what happened to Jean Reed? She had an incredible knowledge of music....I got all my guitar based LP's from ''Reed's'' and ''Folletts Record'' during my youth in East Dulwich. Amazing website you have here...thanks a lot . Comment: Peter
Wow. worked for Jeany Reed from 1970 to 1973 in Atwell Road - great times Lovely lady (most of the time) Remember the DJs coming in every week especially the ones from the Kings Head!! Also other regulars one of the best times of my life! You could get any record you wanted old and new - anybody remember those times? Service with a smile lol. Comment Jackie Cook.

I used to get my copies of ''Creem'' from W.H. Smith in Forest Hill..right next to ''Reeds Music''(Dartmouth Rd) Still have an old copy from 1971 with a feature on Johnny Winter. P J. Le Fauch

Used to go there[dartmouth rd store]almost daily in the 60,s.Had a fierce crush on the girl who worked there,[along with everone else who went in.]Loved the tiny speaker on the wall beside the door so you could stand outside and hear what was on the turntable. Comment: Paul

(June 19, 2014) Janet Fox. said:I worked on the the fruit and veg stalls on Saturday opposite Reeds Records from 1965 until 1974.The road was called Parkstone Road.just off Rye Lane.

(Mar 31, 2014) John said:I was always in and out of Reeds music shop in the 70s, I would ask Jean for a certain record, she would turn around and face all the records, then quote the reference number stamped on the record before taking it out of the rack and putting on the turntable, whatever record you wanted Jean had it or would get it in for you, she had such a wealth of knowledge, fantastic times

(May 14, 2013) Name said:I started my DJ career buying all my 12's from Reed's. As they had a chart machine in the store, all the major labels used to feed the shop upfront promo's. Such a good little store.

(Feb 21, 2013) Keith Peryer said:Reeds always had the records you needed on Friday lunchtime after the release day (usually Thursday I believe). Mrs Reed was quite patient with spotty youths asking for the latest obscure record they'd just heard on John Peel. I remember buying Cliff Richards' Summer Holiday there but fortunately graduated to the Beatles (Rubber Soul, Revolver, Donovan's In Concert, The Who (Tommy). Great place and always had loads of record posters that they'd give you if you asked.

(Jan 23, 2013) Peter Bauckham said:Great, but tiny, record shop. Mrs Reed seemed to know the record number of anything you asked for. Not good for browsing but excellent so long as you knew what you wanted.

(Jan 9, 2013) Anonymous said:Ray Jones wasn't the owner. The owner was Reg Reed, and after his death, was owned by his Widow Jean Reed. I worked at the Peckham Branch from about 1984 - 1988. Pete Cracknell.

(Apr 9, 2012) Michael Viner said:Sorry-slight error;the main Peckham branch was in Parkstone Rd.,the turning after Atwell Rd(I remembered it was one of those little roads off Rye Lane)

(01 Dec 2014) In 1957 when I was 11 years old my late mum bought me a cheap acoustic guitar from Reeds Record shop in Peckham. She also arranged for guitar lessons from Mr. Reed. I attended for about 4-5 months & decided to give it up. They were 30 minute lessons every Wednesday evenings after school. The charge was 3 shillings & sixpence, about 17 to 18 pence in today's currency. Mrs. Reed had excellent knowledge of the record world, the shop was small & always packed with customers, especially on Saturdays. Sadly all lost into the archives of history. Happy days & lovely memories.

I forgot to mention that the acoustic guitar my mum bought was purchased from Reeds Record shop for £5, plus a soft case, teaching music book, plectrum & shoulder cord. After finishing guitar lessons in 1957, I took up the guitar again in 1963 & taught myself to play guitar & eventually formed a group with all self taught pals. In 1964 we mainly played in Peckham & some surrounding areas. We named ourselves 'The Fortune Tellers'. We only lasted for a couple of years & were amateurs. We didn't earn much from it, but did enjoy playing to audiences. Comment: Les Burlington

(Feb 4, 2015) I'd love to have seen the exhibition. I remember fondly Mother Reed. Bought many old rock and roll 45s from her that she still had in stock and as for Harry Tipples ... bloody goldmine which soon got decimated once the word got out. Got Tear It Up by Johnny Burnette there on 78 plus as many I could afford of rare London classics like Say Yeah (Handy) and Little Pigeon (Sims).Great memories of the late fifties/early sixties. David Lands

Other comments on face book during the Peckham 33-45-78 exhibition

Paul Lloyd Bought many of my early purchases in their Forest Hill branch including Blondie and Split Enz 12" singles.

Len Ford I used to be a van salesman for Pye Records and this was one of my favourite dealers Ann and Reg Reed

Paul Lloyd I never met Reg but Ann was a hard but fair old gal. Was it Andy (with a beard) who worked in F.Hill
then in Peckham when they closed it? I used to take in lists of catalogue numbers and go back in a week to see what they'd pulled out, specially from the basement. They showed remarkable patience, as I was to find out when I started working in record shops.

Len Ford Had to feed my dogs, where were we well i was a rep 1968-72 so well before the time you mention. i think they closed the shop cos Reg had a heart attack.
yes Ann was a firecracker, if you did not have what she wanted when she wanted it you got a small order. Reg was supposed to run Forest Hill but no one ever saw him. Always Ann in Peckham and her faithful young lady assistant. Did not another bloke named Reg work for them, he also worked for Diamond records in Catford & West Croydon,
shit hot on Tamla stuff

Paul Lloyd I had been buying my records at WH Smith, just down the road from the F.Hill shop. I thought Reeds was for grown ups before I started hearing tracks on
the radio that WHS didn't stock which took me to Reeds. My first ever purchase from them was a bowie single, Jean Genie, I'm pretty sure it was. I remember getting Anarchy in the plain black sleeve from them out of curiosity for the new Punk thing.

(Feb 15, 2015) Reeds in Peckhaam was absolutely fantastic, I used to go there about once a fortnight, Mrs. Reed was a legend, what she didn't know about records wasn't worth knowing! A lovely young girl worked there, but I'm afraid I cant remember her name. Comment: Geoff Garoghan

Name Maureen Bennett Comment: I lived in Peckham Choumert Road until the early seventies and of course when I was young I bought records from Reeds. My most memorable times was when Jean [ Mrs ] Reed came flying in the shop, she had been to Tommy Steel first ever audition she was so excited. These were her words This boy is fantastic he will be a star!!!!!
As all these comments say she was her self something special for knowledge of music. (March 10, 2017)

Name Jim Honeywood Comment: Am Reading David Rodigan's Life in Reggae and his early record purchases made me think of Reeds in Peckham and discovered this page. I have great memories of Reeds as my main record shop. Best memories involve going to the shop on Thursdays after school and getting the new releases before the official release day on Friday. Sometimes arriving at the shop the same time as the delivery. I would have been in my mid teens then so buying Hendrix, The Who and the Stones. As mentioned, Jean read had a great knowledge of music and I loved going to her shop. I think I may have also bought a tambourine there as well. Thanks for this page. (April 11,2017)

Name John Addis Comment:I used to be a regular customer in the Atwell Rd Reeds where Jean was in command , you are right her knowledge and her memory were incredible she could quote the record number off the top of her head, not only that she remembered your taste in music I can remember walking in the door and she would take a 45 out of its slot say " This is right up your street listen to this " she was right and I would buy. (July16, 2017)

Name Bob Lewis Comment: I worked at the Forest Hill branch and worked in the Peckham branch in the early 70s for about 5 years. Happiest time of my working life. I was at college at the time. Ray Jones was the manager and Mr Reg Reed was the owner. Ray was a really good boss and friend and Mr & Mrs reed were lovely to work for. Those days are gone for ever. I remember when Mr Reed was attacked and robbed. He ended up in hospital. There was also a break in at Forrest hill via the rear ally. I wish I had kept in touch with all. ( August 3, 2017)

Both branches of Reeds were a big part of my life through the 60s to when the Peckham shop closed in the 90s.
Ray Jones, as has been mentioned, ran the Forest Hill store and then, when that closed, he took over the running of the Peckham store from Jean Reed, who had retired. Ray was extremely helpful and would try an source tge more obscure material if you asked. For example, I was a fan oof German singer Helen Schneider and he was able to find her albums for me and on one occasion he found a sample coly of the Hollies, 'On the Road again', which never got a UK release. Miss the place a lot.
there was also a very short lived Reeds piano shop in Bromley that was founded by Jean Reed's husband. Unsubstantiated fact. Jean Reed was Tommy Steele's aunt.

Richard Cook

We lived in Bermondsey and as a schoolboy I developed an interest in classical music via my local record library in Spa Road (anyone remember Pat the librarian who looked after this section?) who I ordered a record at this shop in about 1970. It was quite a small shop as I remember, with a middle aged husband and wife team serving on the counter. It was definitely in Parkstone Road. I looked this up because I recently purchased the same double LP gatefold on Ebay plus a couple of private rare records of the same music from a collection in USA and when it arrived tiday my heart just filled with the same excitement and those happy memories of the first time!!!! I had to google maps Peckham Rye to retrace my 1970s steps in streetview, locate the exact road, then by a couple of local websites arrived here! Absolutely thrilled and still collecting records after all these years thanks to Spa Road!

David Murphy

Reeds was an extraordinary record shop; behind the counter was a wall of shelves of 7" singles that were all in mint condition, but clearly going back to the 70s in the generic label paper sleeves. I imagined such gems on those shelves, but browsing wasn't allowed. I asked if I could browse, and the man smiled, and said, maybe on another day. That day never came. I think about those singles often. I hope they found a good home.


I can't remember how I discovered Reed Music, but I'm so pleased I did. They had loads of back catalogue records in stick and I was able to clear my 'wants' lists overnight. This was probably early 80s and I bought brand new stock from them from the late 60s and early 70s.I seem to remember the address as 163a Rye Lane then.

Ken Mortimer

Growing up in Grove Park up the hill from Rye Lane I often went to Reeds especially when I used to do a Saturday job in Liptons supermarket on the corner in Rye Lane. I remember the individual listening booths in there on the left wall as you came in the door. Same pegboard sound proof walling is still there in the present reggae record shop.
Greg Kimble


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