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( Feb 22, 2016) This shop ran for many years at the top of Trafalgar Street. Three floors of records with the accent on jazz, vocal and pop, although it sold a lot of rock as well.
Geoff Winsor was the charismatic proprietor and his shop was a good place for a bargain. I don't think he believed in price guides. I took in a load of vinyl once as I wanted a part exchange deal. "Are those promos?" he grumbled "I don't want no promos". Actually - they were promos but I told him they weren't. I came away with Tony Conrad & Faust 'Outside the Dream Syndicate' - a promo copy ironically. When Geoff retired it left a gap in Trafalgar Street that was never filled. Hope he enjoys his retirement. Comment:Michael Bradshaw.




40 Trafalgar Street Brighton / East Sussex
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