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Ahh, record Village. I came back from Tenerife in 1989 with a long list of brand new music that I had heard in the clubs and warehouse parties and bought every single one of them. Every time they touched on of my choices on three other people in the shop said 'I'll have one of those'. The guy serving me loved it, as he was shifting four of everything. We are talking: VooDoo Ray, Salsa House, Seduction, Kariya, Looney Tunes...and the list went on. As the years went by I got to know more of them in there and of course when Kier was in there it was a good catch up too. I loved that record shop, proper tunes without having to go all the way in to town. Days gone by. Good memories. Andy Bundock

(June 1, 2013) Ryan Scanlan said:This and Cavern Records I regularly visited between 1991-1994. Cavern just shut down their hardcore vinyls without any notice midway through 1993. Guys in Record Village were always friendly, not so much the massive guard dog obviously! Guy who served me a lot I've now only recently found out is called DJ Kier, all I remember was he had a pony tail back in 1992. Would love to get in touch to simply say how much I appreciated those days, good vinyl being bought and still owned/played today. Big respect to the owners and workers if your reading this - thank you very much.

Name Marlon G Comment: Hi everyone. I was one of the workers at Record Village with Kier. Thanks for all the good words and memories. ( September 1, 2016).


Image David Morris




256 Hoe Street E17 Walthamstow / London

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