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  • Here's a blast from the past
    Next to Lynn's flower box there was a jeans shop(not in the photo£ what was its name ?

    This is where I went instead of school whe I was 15
    met l loads of people Who were into the soul scene at the time
    The shop wss run by Neil st John ( noddy) and Derrick Fantom
    Those of you that frequented the place at the time what are your
    Lynne who owned the flower box married Derrick think she used to go to the twisted wheel just before it closed in 71
    Posted June 24, 2012The Record Shop changed it's name to "Some Kinda Mushroom" and was run by Stuart Smith who now runs the men's fashion shop Zebra, this is located on the same road as the Winding Wheel.

In 1978 I paid 50p for the taj mahal album natch'l blues this has ain't that a lotta love on it It was in one of those boxes upstairs in the mushroom
In 78 this tune was a massive big floor stomper at Wigan
I did not realise that it was first played back in the 60's at the wheel
Roy Harrison told me that the wheels copy was the album cut down to 7 inch proportions don't know if this is true or if it was ever released in the 60's as a single ?




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