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Name: Amanda Purbrick
Comment: Don't know if anyone is interested but back in 1989 to 1992 I worked at this shop Rayners on Park Street, Bristol... Downstairs was the classical section, upstairs was pop, rock, etc.

I'm also looking to find other staff who worked there?

Name: Mark Sony.
Comment: Ray was the weirdest man, always a wet shiny face. As a rep I used to call on the shop.
(5 November 2015)

Name: Natalie Draper
Comment: I worked for Rayners for a long time from June 1990-October 1993, then went back part-time until I had my son, was working full-time for a while after until childcare became a problem so left in 1998, I’ve got so much music from there, hated being down in the classical department.

Name: Sarah Willmott
Comment: I worked at Rayner's for about six years. Loved having access to some unusual, sometimes rare CDs. I think most of my £80 a week wages went straight back into the business in purchases.

Ray was a very strange man, but his dad was lovely. He always used to buy us cakes when he was in and was good fun.

Despite the sometimes unpleasant work conditions, I loved my time there. We always made the best of things and had good fun.

Name: Joanne Brown
Comment: Oh my god, I worked there too on Saturdays and got fired for calling Ray a wanker. He actually was one. He used to do practice shots with the staple gun onto the wooden floor and one Saturday he made me get down on my hands and knees and dig them out. Wanker.

Name: Bob Atherton
Comment: Worked there in 1976. Terrible pay but Yvonne Rayner, Mr Rayner's daughter was a nice lady. Downstairs was just stock and cardboard boxes back then.

Name: Lorraine Stocks
Comment: I used to work there in 1989-1990 ish. I worked in the pop department then moved to the classical department when Mary left. Has anyone got any photos of the shop? And when did it close?


Tony Houghton
14 Jul 2023 at 04:31
Gerard Langley from The Blue Aeroplanes sometimes used to work there c.1990.
Dave Harwood
21 Nov 2023 at 03:48
I found this advert in the 'Bristol Evening Post' dated 31st December 1980: “RAYNERS RECORDS, 84 Park Street, Bristol. Telephone: 23936. JANUARY SALE: LPs, Singles and special prices on Classical.”
03 May 2024 at 02:48
I worked there in about 1987. Went for the interview, did well, stood up, gave firm handshake, strode confidently into broom cupboard.

Wildly contemplated staying there till they'd gone home and hoping they hadn't noticed.

Got the job.



84 Park Street BS1 5LA Bristol / Bristol & Bath
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