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I started Rat Records 23 years ago, buying and selling albums and books on a street market in Oxford. I then graduated to Camden and Greenwich markets at the weekend, with the odd 2nd hand record fair.

In 1993 I got the first of a series of 4 Rat Records second hand shops in Greenwich. In 1998 Rat Records relocated to our current second hand record shop in Camberwell.

Since 1988 I reckon we've sold just over 600,000 2nd hand records, stuck on 1,100,000 plus price stickers, driven over 280,000 miles, worn out the suspension of over 15 vehicles and discovered the only copy of a collaboration between Mick Jagger and John Lennon. I also have 3 more children, a grandchild and a lot less hair than when I started. A far more exciting and mildly embellished version of this rise to glory is being serialised in my blog - Autobiography of a Record Dealer , slowly but surely.

The small number of record shops left in the U.K. are still providing a place to work for future and upcoming atists.

Once you could find Anthony Joseph looking at you from behind the counter at Rat records.


Paul M
26 Sep 2023 at 12:33
Sadly shut down within the last year so Tom, its owner, could retire. Probably the best record shop I have ever known. A real treasure trove that worked on the principal that turnover was king so many many bargains to be had. I really miss it. Another shop is now on the site, Dash the Henge, but not the same.



348 Camberwell New Road Camberwell / London
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