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Ram was located near to Marks and Spencer on Terminus Road, Eastbourne. I remember it mainly as I used have to go there every Friday in the early - mid 1980's to collect theatrical pyrotechnics for the weekly 1812 night concerts that took place at Eastbourne's Redoubt Fortress. I can't recall the name of the owner but I am sure I must have bought vinyl there too at some point, indeed some of it is probably still with me. Comment:Mike Marchant.

I remember Max Kenny from Max Records getting mad at me for coming in his store with a Ram Records bag, he felt quite betrayed, as I was until this point a total Max Man! Ram Records existed since about 1982 because I remember asking the boss if I could have the props for a Beatles album just released (He bluntly told me no!). The shop was located around the nr present-day Poundland in Eastbourne, I remember the shop was 2 floors. As for the grumpy boss, he was also a well-known DJ around town and was later imprisoned for crimes against school girls!


Jonathan Poole
15 Jul 2023 at 09:52
The sinister Alan Parr ran this store, later to be imprisoned for sex with school girls



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