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Name: Tony May
Comment: For quite a few years in Eastbourne and especially following the demise of Max Records, Powerplay was the premier independent record shop in the town. With its central location and the fact that customers heading into town from the station or bus stops would reach its doors first (instead of latterly 'Our Price') it was always a busy shop.

Selling mainly mainstream items, the shop did not specialise in the way that many other independents did/do and as time passed and the gradual demise of 12" vinyl and CD singles began to hit home this may be what did for the business.

Powerplay was a good place to go however if you wanted to be able to get hold of import releases. Weekly?/monthly? release sheets were available from the shop concerning import releases but prices were often prohibitive.

The shop eventually set up a wholesale side and this lived on in different premises after the shop itself closed. I assume the reason for the business's ultimate closure was the growth in internet downloading and file sharing.

The post-shop wholesale side also briefly dabbled in selling music-related merchandise like t-shirts and hoodies.

Name: neveroddoreven
Comment: Powerplay in Eastbourne moved twice, expanded into other branches - deservedly - just as physical music started its slow descent. Its other branches shut and the Eastbourne branch was awash with all their old stock - a more astonishingly eclectic range of singles for 25p a go I've never seen elsewhere. A browser's paradise. Unfortunately a particularly rubbish HMV opened up around the corner, and within a year they were gone. (In fact, it was the last of three or four really good indie shops in that particular resort town to go under. Cheers, HMV.)

Name: David Hudson
Comment: Powerplay was originally situated at the railway station roundabout where Grove Road and Terminus Road meet. There was a large colourful 'Black Grape' album display in the window during release (1995) which I've never forgotten.

Later it moved to two other places in Terminus Road (one location was half of the old John Menzies store). The store had many back catalogue CD albums, many unavailable elsewhere - very good for single releases too and a great alternative to Our Price.




19 Terminus Road BN21 3QJ Eastbourne / East Sussex
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