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Name: Tim
Comment: I bought my first 45 there in 1971, I Hear You Knocking by Dave Edmunds. They always had a back catalogue in stock as well, would be worth a fortune now.
(February 2013)

John Saunders

I used to buy records there early sixties. They also had a second hand shop at the back of the original White Hart pub. Well a shed really but a treasure trove of records that were bought and resold including lots of ex juke box records. Singles, EPS and LPs. I built my collection from there quite cheaply, some EPs and LPs now worth a bit more now than I paid then.

Clive Whitelock

John Saunders With the proceeds from the first week of my first job in 1967 I nipped along to the shack at the back and bought 'Live at Klooks Kleek' by John Mayall.

Janice David

Remember it well . Jill ParkerJill do you remember we always went in the booths and listened to the records . When we were about 12/13 yrs old !!!? Never actually buying any tho . Pocket money didn't stretch to it !!!

Christopher Worley

They also sold 2nd hand records, I bought 2 singles in the early 60's for 2 shillings ( 10p ) each, where as new singles were at that time 6s.8d ( about 33p ). I still have them now, 'He's in town, by the Rocking Berries' and 'I get around by the Beach Boys'

Joseph Bailey

Percy priors and also a shop in Desborough rd.A young lady called Sybil worked behind the counter.The glass door to the shop had sheet music all over it.

A picture of Perry Como graced that door all through the war.


Dave Harwood
16 Nov 2023 at 02:11
I found this advert in the 'Buckinghamshire Examiner' dated 13th April 1962: “GUITARS and amplifiers by Vox, Truvoice, Watkins, Hofner, Burns, etc, Olympic Drums. Bird 15 watt Amplifier with reverberation, 39 guineas. 10,000 Records at new budget reduced prices. Percy Prior, 23 White Hart Street, High Wycombe. Phone 182.”
Mike Clifford
16 Feb 2024 at 12:01
I well remember the White Hart Street store in High Wycombe and visited it many times as a teenager. My interest was the singles as at that time I couldn't afford LPs. My first 45 was Lorne Greene and 'Ringo' (1964). A couple of years later I got Napoleon XIV's 'They're Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!' which had the same track as the B-side. Thinking it was a mistake I took it back as I thought it was a mistake - apparently not, but they still changed it!



23 White Hart Street HP11 2HL High Wycombe / Buckinghamshire
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