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Dave Harwood
14 Sep 2023 at 04:29
I found an article in the ‘South London Observer’ dated 10th October 1925:
“Music always plays an important part in our social life and the possession of a good class gramophone not only tends to keep one merry and bright but contributes in no small degree to the enjoyment of the friend, who may be entertained during the festive season. The Peckham Gramophone Stores, 141 High street, Peckham (corner of Hardcastle Street), the proprietors of which have achieved a high reputation in the gramophone world, are again to the fore in supplying all that is necessary in this particular direction, for they have the largest stock of gramophones in South London and an inexhaustible supply of Columbia, Regal, Winner and Zonophone records.”
Dave Harwood
16 Sep 2023 at 01:53
The photograph of Peckham Gramophone Stores, Peckham High Street, was taken for the ‘Daily Herald’ on 19th August, 1932. According to an advert in the ‘Bayswater Chronicle’ dated 5th May 1944, it had changed its name to PECKHAM RADIO SERVICE, 141 High Street, Peckham (Radio & Electrical Specialists) ... and six months later, on the 19th November 1944, a V2 rocket hit Hardcastle Street in the centre of Peckham (which was between Hill Street and Marmont Road) destroying most of the buildings in the area.



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